About me

Hiya, my name’s Caroline…

…but you already know that because it’s plastered all over my website…

I’m a yoga teacher based in Cumbria. Carlisle to be precise but I get around a bit up and down the county.

I qualified as a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance in 2017. I got to go to India to do it, and yes, it was wonderful. Hard work, but I’m so glad I chose a beach in Goa – there’s worse places to be when every muscle is exhausted and your brain is full of physiology, anatomy and mantras!

My main motivation for becoming a teacher was to pass on the practices to people struggling with mental health problems. Having struggled with anorexia nervosa for many years, I found the practice of yoga improved my quality of life, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing and body awareness.

You don’t have to have a mental health problem to benefit from yoga, in fact boosting these things can help you build resilience to ward off or reduce problems in the future.

Having worked for a local mental health charity and led a county-wide campaign to end the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health my interest in this field runs deep – mental ill health itself doesn’t discriminate and it effects 1 in 4 of us in any given year.

1 in 6 people of working age are effected by mental health problems, so wellbeing in the workplace is increasingly on the agenda for businesses. My workplace classes have been so popular that I have expanded that side of the business to accommodate demand. CDY Workplace can link organisations with a yoga teacher wherever you are based in Cumbria.

I regularly speak at events, conferences, on the radio, television and in the press about both mental health, the importance of wellbeing and my lived experience. If you’re interested in featuring mental health or yoga at your next event, give me a shout.

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What kind of Yoga do you teach?

Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of yoga which focuses on posture and alignment – making sure the yoga pose works for your body rather than trying to make your body fit a pose.

Yoga builds your core strength, improves balance and helps with your posture amongst so many other physical health benefits.

It is also a relaxing and rejuvenating activity which improves mental wellbeing, reduces stress and improves sleep and so much more.

I like my classes to be chatty and collaborative – if you fancy learning a certain pose, stretching certain muscles, working on your balance or  focus then just let me know and I can work the class around you!

Yoga for health

…is fascinating to me!

Part of my qualification was around using Yoga to aid different ailments (for want of a better word!) and I’m continuing to study this field of Yoga. There’s all sorts of Yoga poses or techniques to help with:

…stress… back pain… arthritis… digestive issues… head aches… all sorts of things!

Now, I’m not saying I can cure these things. But I am saying that I can help you ease some symptoms. Even if it’s enabling you to sleep a bit better through relaxation, focus better through balancing poses…

If there’s a certain medical issue that’s making you think twice about coming to Yoga, have a chat to me first. As long as it’s ok with your GP, it’s ok with me. And if I don’t know how to ease the symptoms – I’ll find out for you.

I currently have students with Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, Rheumatoid Arthritis, depression, ADD and back pain to name but a few.



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Access Bars Practitioner  Wishing Well Therapies

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RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher


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