About me

Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of yoga which focuses on posture and alignment – making sure the yoga pose works for your body rather than trying to make your body fit a pose.

Yoga builds your core strength, improves balance and helps with your posture amongst so many other physical health benefits.

It is also a relaxing and rejuvenating activity which improves mental wellbeing, reduces stress and improves sleep and so much more.

I like my classes to be chatty and collaborative – if you fancy learning a certain pose, stretching certain muscles, working on your balance or  focus then just let me know and I can work the class around you!


…is fascinating to me!

Part of my qualification was around using Yoga to aid different ailments (for want of a better word!) and I’m continuing to study this field of Yoga. There’s all sorts of Yoga poses or techniques to help with:

…stress… back pain… arthritis… digestive issues… head aches… all sorts of things!

Now, I’m not saying I can cure these things. But I am saying that I can help you ease some symptoms. Even if it’s enabling you to sleep a bit better through relaxation, focus better through balancing poses…

If there’s a certain medical issue that’s making you think twice about coming to Yoga, have a chat to me first. As long as it’s ok with your GP, it’s ok with me. And if I don’t know how to ease the symptoms – I’ll find out for you.

I currently have students with Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, Rheumatoid Arthritis, depression, ADD and back pain to name but a few.