Caroline does RED January

1st January 2019 marks exactly a year from my first official Yoga class as a freshly graduated teacher and I’m happy to say the folks in that room on that first day still show up week after week for a good chin wag and a bit of stretching. I often get asked why I became … Continue reading Caroline does RED January

Yoga didn’t save me…

 …but it certainly helped!   People say to me ‘oh you must be so fit doing all those yoga classes every week’ or ‘well of course you can do that – you’re really fit and flexible. I would never be able to do that’… …and then they don’t want to try. Yoga has a perception … Continue reading Yoga didn’t save me…

International Yoga Day Celebrated in Carlisle

Budding yogis flocked to Bitts Park on Sunday for the city’s first ever event to mark a global celebration of yoga.  Renowned Yoga teachers from Carlisle and the surrounding area worked together to offer free classes between 10am – 2pm in glorious weather.  ‘We have been blown away by the response we have had to … Continue reading International Yoga Day Celebrated in Carlisle

Yoga at 88

I arranged Mother's Day lunch at mum's house this year and invited Nana along. The potatoes and parsnips are browning in the Aga as Nana arrives with a posey for me from this morning's church service. I, in turn, hand her a planter containing blue hyacinths (which I carefully made sure I didn't touch - … Continue reading Yoga at 88