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Easy ways to increase Wellbeing in the Workplace


Improving wellbeing and reducing stress within the workplace improves concentration, focus, memory, makes employees feel valued and therefore increases productivity and profitability.

It’s so simple and doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Mental Health is a hot topic at the moment. I’ve been actively promoting mental wellbeing and campaigning to reduce the stigma which still surrounds mental health across Cumbria through my work with Mind and Time to Change.

Running a class in your workplace

The fundamental thing is having a room big enough to run a class.

  • Minimum 6 people
  • I have equipment to cater for 12 people
Payment-wise there are a few options available:
  • Funded for staff through wellbeing budget
  • Subsidised for staff – the business would contribute a % then collect the rest from staff.
  • Paid for by staff

Please get in touch to find out more!